I hesitate to write this because I have a feeling this place is going to get super popular in a very short amount of time. I stopped in around 9 am on a Wednesday and there were two people in line ahead of me. There was a decent selection, but unnoticed some holes in the trays where the favorites had already been snagged. I waited my turn and then asked for a half dozen of the most popular donuts. I ended up with a fruit loop dip, s’more dip, blueberry with some sprinkles, vegan pistachio, a pink glazed looking one, and a chocolate bar.

Blueberry was a big hit for me. S’more was a big hit for my coworkers. The fruit loops one was good, but there was a lot going on and the cereal was a bit stale. The pink ¬†glazed one was my absolute favorite, but not until later in the day when I discovered it was also raspberry filled!

All of that aside, this place was not super expensive and the husband & wife that own/operate it were so gracious and kind this morning, which goes a long way for me. I think this place needs to be enjoyed by EVERYONE and soon!!!

(Side note, the cakes in the case were gorgeous and the cookie/cupcake/cake pop display was impressive too! I guess I have to come back for more!)