I decided to check this place out after reading Buzzfeed’s “Here’s the best doughnut shop in your state” list (link below) and saw that Cake Among Us was listed as California’s best.

I ordered a dozen doughnuts and a chocolate cupcake topped with a peanut butter cup. The doughnuts all looked so good. It was hard choosing them and even harder to decide which one I would eat. All my coworkers loved them and eagerly asked me where I got these amazing doughnuts.

I decided on eating the glazed red velvet and it was a good choice! Sweet but not overly sweet.

The cherry on top would have to be the fact that the owner and staff are very friendly. The owner even introduced himself to me and told me a little about his history with baking and how although his shop had only been open for a year, that he has 16 plus years of baking under his belt.

Very happy that I found a great bakery and doughnut place close to home. Definitely going to come more often!